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Mi-Pac Custom Backpack - Pink Leopard
Mi-Pac Denim Dye Duffel Bag - Purple
Mi-Pac Gold Duffel Bag - 24K Gold
Mi-Pac Cherubs Backpack - Natural
Mi-Pac Premium Backpack - Brown Cord
Mi-Pac Premium Backpack - Black Cord
Mi-Pac Premium Backpack - Stamps Multi
Mi-Pac Premium Backpack - Nautical Brown
Mi-Pac Cherubs Backpack - Navy
Mi-Pac Denim Backpack - Grey
Mi-Pac Cherubs Backpack - Black
Mi-Pac Gold Backpack - Satin Mesh Beige
Mi-Pac Metallic Backpack - Black Pony
Mi-Pac Gold Backpack - Teal Python
Mi-Pac Prime Duffel Bag - Navy Weave
Mi-Pac Gold Backpack - Copper Ostrich
Mi-Pac Camo Backpack - Desert
Mi-Pac Duffel Bag - Hot Zebra
Mi-Pac Custom Backpack - Cheetah
Mi-Pac Premium Backpack - Tiger Stripe
Mi-Pac Classic Backpack - Volt Yellow
Mi-Pac Premium Backpack - Purple Plaid
Mi-Pac Tonal Backpack - Brown/Tan/Cream
Mi-Pac Flag Backpack - Germany
Mi-Pac Gold Backpack - Prime Tan Weave
Mi-Pac Classic Duffel Bag - Burgundy
Mi-Pac Duffel Bag - Tie-Eye

Mi-Pac Duffel Bag - Tie-Eye

£29.99 £24.99
Mi-Pac Camo Backpack - Autumn
Mi-Pac Floral Backpack - Blue Rose
Mi-Pac Classic Backpack - Brown Sugar
Mi-Pac Tonal Backpack - Beige/Red
Mi-Pac Flag Backpack - Japan
Mi-Pac Flag Backpack - Argentina
Mi-Pac Flag Backpack - Cuba
Mi-Pac Flag Backpack - Mexico
Mi-Pac Flag Backpack - South Africa
Mi-Pac Stars iPhone 5 Hardcase - Black
Mi-Pac Polka Dot Backpack - Green
Mi-Pac Camo Backpack - Fern

Mi-Pac Camo Backpack - Fern

£24.99 £19.99
49 Items
48 200
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Mi-Pac have a huge range of backpacks to suit every style. They have a variety of colours and designs to choose from making them the perfect bag for school, college or town. With their signatory ‘faux suede’ bottoms, all Mi-Pac rucksacks combine a classic heritage design with an innovative approach.