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Mi-Pac Wash Bag - Bloom Multi White
Mi-Pac Classic Backpack - Hot Pink
Mi-Pac Classic Backpack - Aqua
Mi-Pac Tonal Backpack - Kelly Green/Hot Pink
Mi-Pac Bandana Backpack - Royal Blue
Mi-Pac All Polka Backpack - Bright Red/White
Mi-Pac All Polka Backpack - Navy/Bright Red
Mi-Pac All Polka Backpack - Deep Purple/Yellow
Mi-Pac Skulls Backpack - Black
Mi-Pac Skulls Backpack - Natural
Mi-Pac Koi Backpack - Royal Blue
Mi-Pac Swallow Backpack - Natural
Mi-Pac Swallow Backpack - Navy
Mi-Pac Tartan Backpack - Navy
Mi-Pac Tartan Backpack - Green
Mi-Pac Tartan Backpack - Red
Mi-Pac Distressed Denim Backpack - Stonewash/Yellow
Mi-Pac Tribal Denim Backpack - Indigo
Mi-Pac Peruvian Stripe Backpack - Dark Red/Green
Mi-Pac Peruvian Stripe Backpack - Turquoise/Lilac
Mi-Pac Peruvian Stripe Backpack - Orange Multi
Mi-Pac Peruvian Diamond Backpack - Turquoise
Mi-Pac Peruvian Diamond Backpack - Red
Mi-Pac Peruvian Diamond Backpack - Olive Green
Mi-Pac Aztec Backpack - Neon Black
Mi-Pac Aztec Backpack - Tan/Red/Blue
Mi-Pac Tropical Floral Backpack - Neon Black
Mi-Pac Palm Floral Backpack - Navy
Mi-Pac Sixties Floral Backpack - Multi/Blue
Mi-Pac Ditsy Floral Backpack - Navy
Mi-Pac Splattered Backpack - Stonewash
Mi-Pac Splattered Backpack - Neon Green
Mi-Pac Splattered Backpack - Neon Pink
Mi-Pac Sunflowers Backpack - Sunflower Yellow
Mi-Pac Feathers Backpack - Blue/Purple
Mi-Pac Strawberries Backpack - Strawberry Red
Mi-Pac Air Ballons Backpack - Rainbow
Mi-Pac Chambray Backpack - Blue
Mi-Pac Chambray Backpack - Red
Mi-Pac Chambray Backpack - Green
Mi-Pac Jersey Backpack - Light Grey
Mi-Pac Jersey Backpack - Blue
Mi-Pac Jersey Backpack - Black
Mi-Pac Skulls Duffel Bag - Black
Mi-Pac Palm Floral Duffel Bag - Navy
Mi-Pac Ditsy Floral Duffel Bag - Navy
Mi-Pac Aztec Duffel Bag - Tan/Red/Blue

Mi-Pac have a huge range of backpacks to suit every style. They have a variety of colours and designs to choose from making them the perfect bag for school, college or town. With their signatory ‘faux suede’ bottoms, all Mi-Pac rucksacks combine a classic heritage design with an innovative approach.