About Us

Route One, specialises in skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and inline skating and historically has traded out of high street stores. Given Action Sports’ youthful demographic and the specialist nature of each sport, it was inevitable Action Sports retailing would migrate online. Route One was one of the first UK retailers to launch online in 1998 and over the past decade the online business has served over 500,000 riders.

Route One continues to lead with product collaborations, the Always First Program, Team sponsorship, tours and videos. With the Route One catalogue, which is published 8 times a year, Route One sets the pace for what’s new in the Action Sports Industry. In store, Route One has worked with Nike 6.0 to launch their first Concept Store and online as Lead Sponsor in this year’s Big Push.

In 2010, Route One celebrates “20 Years of Community Service” and will host community projects throughout the year from its stores in Edinburgh, Guildford, Brighton, Cardiff and Southampton.

We look forward to serving the Action Sports community for many years to come.

Route One