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Bern’s mission is to deliver products that action sports participants want before they know they want them. Through new designs, engineering and development, Bern has driven the evolution of head protection. These key Bern differences are designed to enhance your performance, comfort, quality, style and the overall experience of doing what you love to do.

Bern Unlimited is a private company owned and operated by action sports enthusiasts. Their success and evolution today is largely attributed to the great team of people that has been assembled that value the environment, teamwork, integrity, passion and a healthy action sport lifestyle experience.

Dennis Leedom founded Bern Unlimited in July 2004. Dennis is an avid skier, biker, snowboarder, and developing park skater and has taken quite a few tumbles over the years. As a result, he came to realise the value of head protection and made it his mission to increase its awareness and usage. From 1989-1997, Dennis took part in pioneering recreational helmet use for snow sports in the USA representing Boeri helmets. He then took part in developing and managing the Leedom helmet brand from 1997-2003. Committed to safety, he was using different helmets for his different activities when inspiration struck. In 2004, he assembled and engaged a core team of partners to develop the vision of Bern Unlimited to give action sports enthusiast’s one lid that is adaptable to all seasons and all non-motorised action sports.

Bern was started from the ground up. Dennis and a contractor friend, Bruce Wilson, built a 500 sq. foot barn next to his home. Before it was even finished, Dennis and the other primary developers of Bern - Adam Godwin and Josh Walker - moved in to put the business plan into action.

The team worked closely with helmet designer Jonathan Baker from Injoy Design to embark on 18 months of design and engineering of our head protection line. They also engaged with John Quigley from Buzz Studios to develop the brand, logo and initial marketing materials. This was a huge project for both Jonathan and John and Bern will always be thankful for their creativity, passion and hard work.

The Bern brand was launched to the retail trade at the Action Sport Retailer show in September 2005. In February 2006, Seth Wescott introduced Bern to the world with Olympic Gold in snowboard cross in Torino, Italy.