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Casio watches are one of the UK's top five watch brands. With over a million Casio watches purchased every year, Casio is a market leader in innovation, style and technology.
Casio has a strong history of manufacturing a wide variety of goods including calculators, cameras, watches, clocks and musical instruments. When making and designing their watch ranges, Casio seeks to bring a unique approach to watch development, combining digital and analogue technologies and superb, durable designs to make their watches stand out amongst the competition.
Casio launched the Casiotron in 1974, the world's first digital watch with fully automated calendar. Since this technological breakthrough, Casio has continued to pursue its passion for digital technologies and innovation in watch functions, including world time, data bank functions, sensor based measurement, and radio controlled technology.
Today Casio continues to develop new products that combine the very latest digital technology, with designs that deliver a stunning look and feel in both men's and women's watches. From Wave Ceptor, through to Pro Trek, Casio watches combine strength, style and function.
The greatest innovations in Casio's recent history are in the field of solar powered drive systems and radio-controlled watches. The combination of solar power and radio-controlled timing ensure that the wearer never has to worry about running out of power or not having exactly the right time, wherever they are in the world.
Casio have adapted their technologies and designs across a wide range of watches, including Pro Trek, Wave Ceptor and the durable G-Shock and Baby-G collections.