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Diamond Supply Co. The Southern California based skateboard accessory and clothing line was started by skateboarder/designer Nick Tershay AKA Nick Diamond.
Tershay has gained worldwide recognition and celebrity stardom for his cutting edge t-shirt designs and the sneaker collaboration with Nike SB that he designed. After producing the Diamond Supply Co. X Nike Tiffany Dunk shoe Nick Tershay has never looked back.
The Diamond "Tiffany" Dunk SB was the hottest sneaker release in 2005 which had massive amounts of sneakerheads around the world camping out in front of stores for days before the shoe released. It is said that this shoe was the most hyped and sought after shoe in Nike history. The Diamond Dunk SB had such a large impact on the sneaker community "good & bad" that it has changed the sneaker game forever.
Diamond Supply Co. is also known for having one of the strongest skateboarding teams in the world. Skaters such as Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Stevie Williams, Terry Kennedy and loads more of skateboarding's top elite support the brand.
Diamond Supply Co. skateboard clothing has also been seen worn by superstar rappers such as lil Wayne, OFWGKTA, Tony Yayo and Lupe Fiasco.