Hype Clothing

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Hype Logo Backpack - Navy
Hype Logo Backpack - Black
Hype Logo Backpack - Green
Hype Quilted Backpack - Black
Hype Duffel Bag - Burgundy
Hype Splat Tote Bag - Black
Hype Branch Bucket Hat - Multi
Hype Gym Bag - Black
Hype Gym Bag - Burgundy
Hype Script Beanie
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From its inception back in the summer of 2011, HYPE has gone from strength to strength.
Known for bold all over prints alongside the iconic script logo, the HYPE range has expanded to include not only t-shirts but sweatshirts, sweatpants, caps & beanies, with the popular addition of the HYPE backpack to complete the range.