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iPath has been humbly green since 1999 and they promote environmental sustainability for the benefit of present and future generation of skateboarders.
iPath shoes are now using high grade rubber for our outsoles to increase grip and reduce wear. They’ve also improved the flex of every skate shoe to increase board feel and response. The quality of their hemp has been improved and all their leather and suede come from silver rated tanneries (the second highest rating for commitment to environmentally sustainable practices).
They’ve added moulded EVA footbeds to improve fit and function. The shoes also feature stroble construction which aides in comfort as well as a fine tuned fit.
At iPath they strive to lighten our footprint on the environment and stay true to our skateboarding roots. One season, all their cupsole shoes featured water based glues. All their shoe boxes are made from post-consumer paper and use soy based inks. Their t-shirts and sweatshirts are made using organic cotton and recycled materials. iPath know their work is never done, but they are making strides to lessen their impact on the environment and promote sustainability in skateboarding.
As part as iPath's on-going commitment to our planet they have taken large steps to improve overall quality and fit.