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Always looking to encourage and support young riders to achieve their dreams Madd Gear has established Team MGP by sponsoring a group of Pro scooter riders from around Australia. The Team have represented Madd and Australia at international competition level as well as nationally through participation at a number of local events and competitions. These riders are ambassadors for the sport and work hard as role models for young riders new to the sport.
Since their inception in 2002 Madd Gear Pro scooters have continued to grow and remain focused on their core objectives. With 100% owned and operated offices in Melbourne and China they are at the coal face each and every day. They work with their Pro riders to design and build the best street, park and stunt scooters and scooter spares to meet the high standards of today's rider.
Madd MGP will continue to support the sport of scooter riding through grassroots marketing campaigns, sponsoring local scooter events and promoting Team MGP both in Australia and overseas. While Australia is leading the way the global scooter market continues to expand and Madd is also sponsoring Pro Teams in the USA, UK and Europe reaching riders across the globe.