Monkee Genes


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Natural evolution of your genes, your soul is the recipe for human life.
Designed in England by the Road team, they have over 25 years experience of the fashion trade and felt the time was ripe for something new and exciting. Monkee Genes was born in 2006 out of a frustration and boredom with the jeans market and offers a fresh, vibrant and youthful direction.
Innovative fits and style lines in top of the range fabrics, classic denims with a retro twist and luscious sateen in pop art inspired colours. Quality of fit and make are high on our schedule, in a world of cheap and disposable fashion manufactured without soul or identity, Monkee Genes offers an antithesis.
Their ethos is to manufacture with conscience and without sweatshop labour. This is the first affordable, organic jean with this accreditation. No pesticides and no chemicals are used.