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Diamond Supply Co. Diamond Cut T-Shirt - Black
Diamond Supply Co. Diamond Angel T-Shirt - Heather
Diamond Supply Co. Diamond Family T-Shirt - White
Diamond Supply Co. x Ben Baller Diamond Mary T-Shirt - Black/Gold
Diamond Supply Co. Monogram T-Shirt - Diamond Blue
Diamond Supply Co. OLD Script T-Shirt - White
Diamond Supply Co. Old Script Pullover Hood - Heather
Diamond Supply Co. Grave Diggers T-Shirt
Diamond YCSF T-Shirt
Diamond Caribbean T-Shirt
Diamond White Sands T-Shirt

Founded in 1998 in southern California, Diamond Supply Co specialise in skateboard clothing and hardware, including t-shirts, caps and skateboard bolts. Since the 2005 collaboration with Nike SB to create the iconic Tiffany Dunk, Diamond Supply Co has gone from strength to strength, creating stunning t-shirts, snapback caps and now even independently moving into the footwear market alongside supporting a successful team of talented skateboarders including the likes of Sean Malto, Paul Rodriguez, Eric, Koston, Nyjah Huston, and Torey Pudwill.