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DC Tonik S Skate Shoes - Black/Turquoise
DC Nyjah Vulc TX Skate Shoes - Navy/Grey
DC Crisis Skate Shoes - Grey
DC Blitz Skate Shoes - BTA
DC Net SE Skate Shoes - Black Plaid
DC Mikey Taylor S Skate Shoes - Blue
DC RD Grand Mid Skate Shoes - Black/Black
DC Tonik Skate Shoes - Dark Red
DC Nyjah S Skate Shoes - Pirate Black
DC Chase XE Skate Shoes - BRS
DC Cole Lite S Skate Shoes - BUR
DC Cole Pro Skate Shoes - BO1
DC Wes Kremer S Skate Shoes - NVY
33 Item(s)
48 200
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Founded by Ken Block and Damon Way back in 1993, DC Shoes has grown into one of the biggest action sport brands specialising in skate shoes and clothing. Trainer fans have been wearing DC shoes for over 10 years now and in return DC has worked with some of the most famous skaters in the world to create the perfect skateboarding shoe.

Today DC Shoe Co is globally recognised with a vast product line that features everything from men’s trainers and skate shoes to hoods, t-shirts and accessories. Supporting world-class teams in skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, motocross and rally, DC develops its signature products to meet the highest level of requirements.