Scooter DecksScooter WheelsbearingsScooter BarsScooter ClampsScooter ForksScooter HeadsetsScooter GripsScooter BrakesHandlebars are perhaps the most important part of your scooter as they enable you to steer and control your scooter. Handlebars are available in many different shapes, colours, sizes and materials.

In the majority of cases, scooter handlebars are made from Steel Chromoly, but are also available in Alloy and even Carbon Fibre. The main difference you would notice in handlebars made from these materials is the weight. Steel Chromoly is the heaviest, followed by Alloy and Carbon Fibre. Carbon Fibre is the most exotic material and as such comes with a very high price tag. As there are so many great handlebars on the market in Steel Chromoly and Alloy, Route One's range concentrates its focus on handlebars made from these materials.

Steel Chromoly as a material is considerably harder and stronger than Alloy and as such is used much more thinly when formed into tubing for handlebars. Alloy has to be much thicker to achieve the same strength tubing as Steel Chromoly. But even with this extra material Alloy still comes in lighter than Steel Chromoly.

The main difference you would notice when swapping between Steel Chromoly and Alloy handlebars or vice versa, is that you will also need a different sized clamp. Due to the difference in material thicknesses of Steel and Alloy, the circumference of an Alloy bar is too big for the clamp from a Steel Chromoly handlebar. Alloy handlebars are only 2mm wider across their diameter than Steel Chromoly bars, and whilst that doesn't sound like a huge amount it means that the circumference of the tubing is considerably bigger and a clamp from a Steel Chromoly handlebar won't fit on an Alloy handlebar.

If you are just replacing your handlebars and not your clamp, please be aware of the material your current handlebars are made of when searching for replacement handlebars. An easy test to find out what your materials are made of is to hold a fridge magnet against your handlebars, if it sticks they are Steel Chromoly, if it falls off your handlebars are made of Alloy. If you are looking to replace your Steel or Alloy handlebars with handlebars made with the opposite material we recommend buying any of the Blazer Quad Clamps as they come equipped with a removable internal shim allowing you to use either style of handlebar.

The only other element you may need to consider is if you own any Madd Gear MGP Ninja, Nitro or Nitro Extreme Scooter. These Madd Gear scooters use HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) which involves a using a large shim as a spacer around the steerer tube of the fork to add compression to the headset. This may sound quite technical but what this essentially means is that the handlebars required for these scooters need to be made from slightly wider diameter tubing than normal. As a result the only handlebars to fit Madd Gear MGP Ninja, Nitro and Nitro Extreme scooters are the Madd Gear Bat Wings Bars. You can swap back to normal width handlebars but you will have to convert your scooter to a different style of compression, either ICS (Inverted Compression System) or SCS (Standard Compression System) and this may involve some fairly serious modification to your scooter. If you do have any worries please feel free to take your scooter along to one of our Route One stores where one of our trained members of staff will be happy to help.