Scooter DecksScooter WheelsbearingsScooter BarsScooter ClampsScooter ForksScooter HeadsetsScooter GripsScooter BrakesAs with every other scooter component, clamps are available in many different colours, shapes and sizes. Essentially the purpose of your clamp is to hold your handlebars onto the steerer tube of your forks. It is a very important job, so it is essential that you have the right clamp for not only your bars but also your compression system and your headset. The first and most important element you need to consider is the material with which you handlebars are made of. As explained in the Handlebars section before, Alloy handlebars require a slightly larger diameter clamp to cope with the extra thickness of material used.

If you are upgrading your scooters headset from Threaded to Threadless, you will also have to consider a compression system to hold your headset together. There are two ways in which you can do this. The first is ICS which stands for Inverted Compression System. This is the system that is used in scooters such as the Grit Elite, Mayhem and Invader. The second is SCS which stands for Standard Compression System. This is the system that is used in the Crisp Ultima X SCS. For ease of use and compatibility, here at R1, we recommend using and SCS if you are looking to upgrade. If you do need any advice in upgrading please feel free to call us here at Route One or drop into one of our stores listed here.

One similarity with handlebars is that there are also three exceptions to the above rules and these are on the Madd Gear MGP Ninja, Nitro and Nitro Extreme. As these three scooters use a HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) system the handlebars and clamps are made with a slightly bigger diameter than you would normally find on your average scooter. Therefore the only clamps that will fit these standard scooters are the MGP Hot Head Oversized Clamps. It is possible to fit standard width handlebars to these scooters using either a Grit or Crisp SCS Compression Clamp. This is known as an SCS, a Standard Compression System.

Here is a chart to demonstrate which clamp will fit which type of scooter and handlebar.