Scooter DecksScooter WheelsbearingsScooter BarsScooter ClampsScooter ForksScooter HeadsetsScooter GripsScooter BrakesAs all of you will know, decks are the biggest and most important part of your scooter. They are the part that your back wheel and forks are attached to. And perhaps most importantly the deck is the part you stand on.

But are you aware of the differences in decks available on the market and whether your existing components would fit should you decide to upgrade?

Firstly and most importantly, the biggest way decks can differ is through the size and shape of the actual deck. Similarly to skateboards, scooter decks differ in widths from 4" to 5.25" and also between flat and concave decks. Whether you should ride a 4" deck, a 4.5" or even a 5" plus deck is up to you, both the size and shape of your deck is down to personal preference. Some people may prefer a narrower deck and some people may swear by a concave deck. It's all down to what you like. And the best way to try out other decks and find your perfect deck is to borrow your friend's scooter and see what you think.

Another way in which decks can differ is through the different style of headset that they will need. Most decks use a standard fitting headset, such as the Neco Sealed Threadless Headset. This is where the cups that hold the headset bearings slot into the top and bottom of the headtube of the deck. These are the most common and will fit either threaded or threadless headsets.

The next style is the Internal, or Semi-Integrated style. These decks require a slightly different style of headset. As the headtube of the scooter is slightly wider, the cups on a Semi-Integrated deck/headset actually slot all the way into the top and bottom of the headtube. This means that the cups don't add anymore stack height to the headset. This also gives a much cleaner look to the front end of your scooter.

The last style of headtube you might find on a scooter deck is the Integrated (sometimes called Fully-Integrated). Instead of having headset cups installed in the top and bottom of the headtube, the headtube is actually machined during manufacture so that the headset bearings slot directly into the frame. This elimates the need to install headset cups in the deck and makes the assembly of a scooter a lot easier.

All of these different styles of deck require different styles of headset. Here is a chart demonstrating which headset you would need for your scooter or new deck: