Scooter DecksScooter WheelsbearingsScooter BarsScooter ClampsScooter ForksScooter HeadsetsScooter GripsScooter BrakesGrips are the soft sections the rider holds onto, slotted onto to either end of the handlebars. These are a universal fit that have been taken directly from bicycles. There are two main types, rubber grips that are slide over the top of the bar, and bolt on grips that have small clamps on either end of the grips to hold them onto the bars. Both types are great and will fit any scooter. A handy tip to help get your rubber grips onto your bars is to lightly spray the inside of the grip with hairspray. In its wet form hairspray allows the grip to slide onto the handlebar smoothly an easily. When the grip is in the correct position leave for a few minutes, the hairspray will then dry and turn to its sticky state holding the grip firmly in place as long as is needed.