Scooter DecksScooter WheelsbearingsScooter BarsScooter ClampsScooter ForksScooter HeadsetsScooter GripsScooter BrakesFreestyle scooter wheels come in a huge variety of colours and designs and are manufactured from either Plastic or Aluminium. They also come in two different sizes; 100mm and 110mm. If you are actively riding your scooter in skateparks or performing scooter tricks you need to fit stronger Aluminium wheels to your scooter, as cheaper plastic wheels are not built to withstand the forces applied in freestyle scootering and may break easily.

Scooter wheels are the most standard fitting of all scooter components as they all have a width of 24mm at their core and so will fit every scooter deck/fork on the market. The only difference is the diameter of the wheels, this is either 100mm or 110mm. The most common size of wheel used on scooters is the 100mm wheel.

To avoid any compatibility issues we recommend that when replacing your current wheels you purchase the same size wheel that is currently fitted to you existing scooter.

Some wheels also may come with bearings already inserted in the wheels. Route One always advises any inexperienced scooter repairer to use wheels with bearings already inserted in the wheel. Due to the nature of the materials used in bearing and scooter wheel manufacture, bearings can be extremely fiddly to fit and remove, sometimes requiring a large amount of force to insert or remove. Unless you are experienced in this sort of repair, Route One recommends buying wheels with bearings already inserted.

If you do have any worries please feel free to take your wheels along to one of the Route One stores listed here, where one of our trained members of staff will be happy to help.