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Chocolate Johnson Heart Pro Deck - 7.5"
Chocolate Cold Chillin' Team Wheel - 52mm
Chocolate Berle Fader Pro Deck - 8.5"
Chocolate Tershy Fader Pro Deck - 8.375"
Chocolate Johnson Fader Pro Deck - 8.125"
Chocolate Engravers Team Wheel - 50mm
Chocolate 7/8" Allen Bolts
Chocolate Berle Big Choc Pro Deck - 8.5"
Chocolate Swiss Bearings
Chocolate 1" Allen Bolts
106 Item(s)
48 200
Set Ascending Direction

Route One have a wide range of skateboards, trucks, wheels and so much more. With the biggest range of skate decks in Europe, you can find your perfect board. You can shop our skateboard department by brand, price, colour and more. We have the best selection including Penny skateboard cruisers, Santa Cruz completes and Palace decks, along with the top brands such as Girl, Element, Cliché and Flip. Just looking to replace some skateboard hardware? We have everything from Grizzly Griptape to Bones Red bearings. There is something to suit all budgets and abilities.