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The Old School Cruiser from Penny Skateboards is back. Penny Australia's Original Cruisers, inspired by 1970 skateboards, are iconic boards that offer not just nostalgic looks but buttery rides thanks to their small size, tight cornering and smooth wheels. So get yourself a Penny Skateboard and reflect on the history of skateboarding.
Penny have been reinventing the history of boarding and have made it fresh for the skaters of today while still appealing to the core. From the old school to the straight out of school, Penny is loved by everyone with their redesigned retro banana board design, impressive colourways and their stylish shape.
Penny Skateboards have also released a superb and colourful selection of decks, wheels, trucks, bearings and bolts, so even if our huge selection of colourways don't appeal, then you can still build your own perfect ride.