100th Route One Interview Special Coming Your Way This Friday!

Posted by Route One on 20th September 2017

Well, who'd have thought it? When we sat down in Edinburgh's Horse Shoe Inn to chat with The Muska, Lizard King and Ali Boulala back in June 2011, we had absolutely no idea how successful our foray into the world of skateboarding interviews would prove to be. Now, a little over six years later, we're finally about to reach the magical '100' milestone and we've decided, if we're doing it, we're gonna do it in style!

So, this Friday, to celebrate our monumental achievement, we're bringing you the first two parts of an amazing double header with pretty much the biggest names in Skateboarding! With help from the good folk at Nike SB and Birdhouse Skateboards we've secured exclusive access to the one and only Eric Koston and, believe it or not, the man himself, Mr Tony Hawk!

Check out the teaser below and pencil Friday into your diaries (or, better yet, stay in 2017 and bang a reminder in your phone); it might be a touch self congratulatory to say but we reckon they're so good they're pretty much unmissable!