15 Years Of Enjoi

Posted by Route One on 25th November 2015

Let Transworld take you on this retrospective look at the first fifteen years of enjoi Skateboards, it really is essential viewing…

Mixing archive shredding, hilarious tomfoolery and interviews with the people who helped shape the brand, part one has turned our stoke levels up to eleven. From Mullen to MJ, from the ashes of A-team to the company we know and love today; this chronological look back highlights the most important historical aspects of perhaps the most fun brand in skateboarding.

As well as this six part series Transworld have a feature article in this month’s print release. They’ve really put the effort in and deservedly so; in an industry often guilty of taking itself far too seriously we need reminding that skateboarding is as much about having a laugh as it is landing the “hardest trick” – enjoi has, and will continue to do so for many years to come!