1947: Researched - Rodrigo TX

Posted by Route One on 2nd December 2015

As the hype from LRG’s 1947 starts to settle The Berrics stirs it right back up again with their latest series ‘1947: Researched’.

Featuring raw footage from the video, this first episode focuses on the insane talents of Sao Paulo legend (and recent recipient of the R1 interview treatment), DGK’s  Rodrigo TX.

As is the trend these last few years, we get to not only see the raw footage itself but a whole host of outtakes, near makes, second angles and the like. When it’s someone like adidas’ Rodrigo this means we’re getting even more brilliance and yet more examples of the smoothest ledge tech we’re ever likely to see. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for the rest of the series; bring on Chico!