5Boro’s ‘5BNY’ Full Length

Posted by Route One on 20th January 2016

What could be more appealing in the cold depths of the middle of January than a near half hour full length vid from the legendary 5Boro Skateboards???

Featuring the full team of Willy Akers, Danny Falla, Jimmy McDonald and Joe Tookmanian, and also celebrating the promotion to the professional ranks of Jordan Trahan, Rob Gonyon and Silvester Eduardo, this is raw NYC skateboarding at its finest.

5Boro founder and NYC legend Steve Rodriguez knows New York skateboarding like no other so it comes as no surprise that this video perfectly encapsulates the raw essence of this most famous of cities. Yes, there is no doubt the past few years have seen a resurgence of NY night time VX footage hitting the airways but this stuff is OG – no gimmicks, just straight up raw shredding. Get involved.