Activated /// adidas Australia

Posted by Route One on 20th December 2017

Ten mins of the Aussie adidas crew ripping their home turf? Sounds like a no brainer to us!

Though you're likely to have heard of few of the crew outside of Element Skateboard's Brisbane-based brute Dennis Durrant, don't let unfamiliarity stand between you and some classic three stripe radness. You know adidas don't muck about when it comes to hooking up a team, and you know their video output is as on point as it gets. Activated is no different and stands proud when held up to the standards we've all come to expect.

Capturing the boys as they venture though a catalogue of classic antipodean skate architecture, the video features cities as far afield as Melbourne and Adelaide, Brisbane and Tasmania. The crew runs deep and the talent deeper still - click play and get hyped on sunny days and evening sessions with your mates, that's something we reckon we'd all be a bit keen on right about now!