Adidas Match Court

Posted by Route One on 24th February 2016

Celebrating the release of the latest release in their Spring ’16 line whilst simultaneously raising the hype for their forthcoming release ‘Away Days’, due to premiere in May this year, comes adidas with three minutes and thirty seconds of promotional goodness for you

Featuring the Gonz, Na-kel Smith, Rodrigo TX, Nestor Judkins, Lucas Puig, Tyshawn Jones, Jake Donnelly and Miles Silvas, we get a sneak peak of some of the upcoming hammers and see the many destinations they’ve taken in on their travels whilst also hearing the Gonz’ reasoning as to why this shoe is being released.

Be warned however; as much as seeing some brand new Lucas footage (including most of an insane front K nollie backside heel out) is a proper treat, you do have to sit through a genuinely terrible contrived ‘telephone call’ act. That said, if you can handle scripted awkwardness you’re in for a treat and it certainly achieves its aim in hyping up the new vid; it promises to be completely off the chain!