Alex and Jordan 'Tea & Biscuits'

Posted by Route One on 9th July 2020

Wow. Just wow.

That's all there is to it!

We'd heard snippets of the tricks they were trying, (obviously we were sworn to secrecy), and the day we interviewed J Thaxx he was nursing sore legs from the vertwall frontside hardflip battle, but we had no idea that the homage to the legendary 'Cheese and Crackers' was going to be quite this good!

With hindsight though, should we have been surprised? Alex Halford is perhaps the most exciting vert rider this country has produced since Andy Scott, and Jordan Thackery is a certified skate wizard. Knowing they were spending the winter months hankered down in Nottingham's Flo skatepark with a genny and enough tea to fuel an army should have been all we needed to know that this was gonna be the best thing we'd see all year!

Released by the perma-rad Lovenskate through Thrasher, this is something else; we've watched it about 15 times already and it's safe to say we're spotting new highlights every time we do. Hands down, best video of 2020 so far!