AMFD Brandon Biebel Part

Posted by Route One on 17th December 2015

Everyone’s favourite hench king of balance is finally back with a full part; all hail Brandon Biebel!

Ok, so it’s filmed in his own private park but given he didn’t really get a full part in Pretty Sweet and somehow managed to generate the biggest cheer at the ‘We Are Blood’ premiere (in a vid chock full of insane hammers you know that’s saying something), we’re massively stoked to get a solid five minutes plus of the big man laying it down.

Questionable music choices aside, few people exude the stoke  that Lakai Pro Brandon does and many younger skaters might be forgiven for feeling it’s as his role as a hype man that Biebs has generated his career. Oh no, this man has serious stand out ability in a world of serious ability – when you can nollie backside flip a box big enough fit the rest of the Girl team in you know you have it special…