Andrew Brophy on Girl: Route One Exclusive Interview

Posted by Route One on 23rd March 2017

Andrew Brophy is not only a massive name in Australian skateboarding, but now, his name is among some of the most well known and loved skateboarding on the planet, Girl Skateboards.

After sharpening his teeth at Southbank with the Palace guys, Andrew Brophy ended up being one of the driving forces for Cliché, and since the shock announcement last year that Cliché has gone under, Brophy has been looking for somewhere to call home.

With years as part of Crail Tap, it only seemed natural for him to slide right in to the family.

We were lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with Brophy to talk to him about the move and the idea behind his first graphic. 


Girl Skateboards

So sit back and watch our interview and then check out his Welcome to Girl skateboard clip...