Andrew Gray X Huf

Posted by Route One on 13th January 2016

Portland, OG native Andrew Gray isn’t a big name in skateboarding. In fact, outside of his appearances in ‘Fun While it Lasted’ and The Killing Floor’s 'Prism'  you’d be forgiven, on this side of the pond at least, for not being familiar with the lad.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t rip though! This clip, filmed over a month in his home town, testing the new HUF Soto proves that the young man certainly has what it takes to enjoy himself and knock out a tasty bit of footage.

Filmed by Chris Varcadipane and kept raw (no music or fancy pants editing) this is good 1 minute and twenty one seconds of good, honest and simple ripping. Off for a street mish with your mates? Bang this on before you go for the hype and you’ll have a great ol’ sesh.