Aurelien Giraud: A Week In Lyon

Posted by Route One on 19th March 2020

Though a week in Lyon at this stage would constitute little more than self isolation and getting fat on long life tinned food, earlier in the year it was enough for our favourite tracky wearing French social media star to knock out a face melting three minute part.

Recently promoted to pro status over at Plan B, Aurelien has that filming bug like never before and his remarkable consistency means he can produce full sections like this in only a fraction of the time you'd expect. Obviously it also helps that he plopped himself in one of the most skate friendly cities on the planet!

Lyon has been a central point to the Euro scene for decades (home to Cliché Skateboards and its founder, Jeremie Daclin) so it's no stranger to world class skateboarding - in fact the Gonz dated a girl there back in mid nineties and blessed many a spot with his otherworldly charms - and it's safe to say the Glitch doesn't sully the town's legacy. 

Here's hoping the Covid-19 induced lock down doesn't last too long; we're desperate to see Aurelien get back out and add some more Hotel De Ville carnage to his ever expanding catalogue of insane skateboard videography!