Austyn Gillette QUIK RAW Files

Posted by Route One on 2nd February 2017

Back in 2013 skate film maker Colin Kennedy (no, not the ex-blueprint pro) produced a breathtakingly beautiful clip of WKND rider Austyn Gillette, stylishly cruising the streets and sidewalks of LA for the now defunct Quiksilver skate programme.

Now, almost four years later, the raw footage is finally seeing the light of day, hosted by the Berrics and playing on a tablet or phone screen near you. Captured entirely from a moving vehicle (we implore you to check out the brilliant 'behind the scenes' clip from Tom Gammage showing exactly how it was done), the film follows Austyn as he skates through the neighbourhoods of LA's historic East Side and Downtown.

Berrics main man Steve Berra describes it thusly: 

"One of the best looking guys on and off the board is without a doubt Austyn Gillette and Colin Kennedy put into motion with him a project he had been talking with me about for at least a year. The result was one good looking dude, one good looking style, and one damn fine looking video project..."