Baker in Dubai

Posted by Route One on 3rd May 2017

Baker are really pulling out all the stops this week when it comes to footage based brand promotion, having first shared with us the excellent new additions to the team in the form of 'The Baker Am video' and now this tour edit with select members of the crew in Dubai. 

Whilst the am video concentrated on new blood from the likes of Kader Sylla, Donta Hill and Zach Allen, this time we see the return of established names Figgy, Reynolds and Cyril Jackson (plus Toy Machine's Collin Provost along for the ride) hitting some truly perfect looking middle Eastern granite in the UAE capital. 

Released in conjunction with the latest issue of 'The Skateboard Mag' (accompanying article as always) and featuring quite possibly the greatest willy grind you ever will see, this stripped back clip is the perfect pre skate 'hype me up' now the weather is actually starting to resemble summer. (and it'll make you realise, even if you travel half way around the world, you're never gonna fully escape the menace that is small scooter riding children).