Bam on the 9 Club!

Posted by Route One on 8th November 2017

We're sure we can all agree the combined talents of Chris 'Crob' Roberts, Roger 'Raj' Bagley and Kelly 'Buzzer Man' Hart have breathed fresh and irreverent air into the skate interview format; their unique repartee facilitating a depth of view into the personalities of our favourite skate celebs the likes of which we've never really seen before. For over seventy episodes they've sat and chatted with an undoubted who's who of skateboard talent and there have almost been too many highlights to mention.

Although we thoroughly enjoyed Jamie Thomas' near four hour marathon colloquy a few weeks back, and sat intently through MJ's soul baring parley, we're sure we can all agree the guest we mos wanted to see on the show had to be Jackass legend and former Toy Machine & Element pro Bam Margera. Having experienced highs and lows few will ever encounter, Bam is the poster boy for the extreme poles our industry can thrust into one's life and there' no doubt the man has stories the majority of us will never even dream of living.

Thankfully, and you've probably guessed this given the title, Bam is indeed the featured guest of episode 70 and the extent to which he opens his heart in this is truly fascinating stuff. Fill your kettle up and break open those chocolate covered hobnobs you've been saving; this is two hours of essential viewing (or listening if you prefer) so you might as well get yourself comfy for the roller coaster of emotion you're about to witness...