Best of 2013: Route One Interviews

Posted by Route One on 20th December 2013

2013 gave us the opportunity to hang out and chat to a number of high profile skate superstars. From Brian Anderson’s first major interview talking about his newly formed 3D brand, Mike Carroll and Rick Howard looking back over 20 years of Girl, Muska conversing like an old friend and Jerry Hsu in his final days at enjoi ; we’ve been very lucky!

Top of the pile though has to be the time we spent with Andrew Reynolds and Jim Greco. Reynolds spoke so candidly, in a way never seen before, that the interview was a hit worldwide and Jim allowed us to debut his new Mafioso look to the masses whilst discussing some tough subjects.

Sometimes things just work out way better than you could have planned and we just want to say a massive thanks to Drew and Jim for being so accommodating; legends in every sense of the word!

Of course we have both interviews here for you to re-watch right now and I’m sure our own Michael Parkinson of skateboarding will be getting the most out of all the people he hangs with next year!

Andrew Reynolds: The Route One Interview a Skateboarding video by Route-one

R1 SUPRA SUNDAYS: Pt.1 - JIM GRECO a Skateboarding video by Route-one