Best of 2013: UK Tours

Posted by Route One on 20th December 2013

Although the past 12 months haven’t been set alight on these shores in a way we have perhaps been used to in the past, there is no denying the heavy hitters that have made the journey to this green and pleasant land have very much left a lasting impression on our nation’s youth.

March saw Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Bryan Herman and the enigmatic Heath Kirchart (taking him to Poundland  was the raddest moment ever) visit Newcastle, Manchester, Derby and London. In September, the late summer sun was rewarded by a heavy hitting Vans crew knocking out demos in London and Liverpool.

Flip also made a whistle stop appearance; Alec Majerus is an utter badman! But, in our eyes at least, the two biggest events were the Palace / Polar mash-up at Hyde park and the visit of ‘Team Handsome’ to the legendary Southbank in the form of the Huf tour. No need to wax lyrical about how good these two demos were as the footage speaks for itself. Reacquaint yourselves now.

Promise yourself that you’ll do everything you can to get to as many demos as possible in 2014, there is simply nothing like seeing the best of the best in the flesh.

Palace / Polar BBQ Jam: Hyde Park, Leeds. a Skateboarding video by Route-one

HUF x THRASHER Stoops Euro Tour: Southbank, London. a Skateboarding video by Route-one