Best of 2015: Vans Spring Classic

Posted by Route One on 30th December 2015

When it comes to these retrospectives we try to cover different facets of skateboarding life, it isn’t all exclusive sections on the Thrasher website after all! Skateboarding jams & park events are the lifeblood of the scene and we at Route One try to attend as many as possible.

Having worked with Vans on a number of projects early in the year (our series of Propeller interviews were a definite highlight of 2015) we were lucky enough to be invited to their annual sojourn to the Adriatic Coast and sample the delights of the Vans Spring Classic in beautiful Riccione.

Nestled beside a tiny estuary, the on beach location was as perfect a venue as one could ever hope to find and the ramp itself was non too shabby! Over the course of three days everyone from our own Josh Young to Anti Hero’s high flying Grant Taylor got in on the action, tearing up the ramp & enjoying the fantastic hospitality laid on by the good folk at Vans.

As we sit here in the darkest depths of December we find ourselves warmed by the mere thought of those few days in Spring; memories like these last a lifetime.