Best Of Andy Anderson Pt.1

Posted by Route One on 5th March 2020

It's no secret to anybody that Andy Anderson isn't "cool" in the modern sense of the word. He's never gonna be a magazine cover star, qualify for competition finals based on the prestige of his name or have Fat Bill zoom in on his face as he rides up to yet another gigantic handrail.

But, truth be told, that says a lot more about the current interpretation of what it means to be cool in skateboarding. In a pastime often considered the last refuge for the artisans, the outcasts and the oddballs, its gotta be a shame that we creep ever closer to image homogenization and the true individuality of people like Andy is kept at arms length by certain facets of the industry.

But that doesn't mean he hasn't been able to find his place (word has it he has Powell's best selling pro board since the peak of the Bones Brigade) and by sticking with his kinda people, in this instance freestyle film maker Nigel K Alexander, he's continuously producing content to mesmerise and entertain.

The following video was filmed over three days and although it could have been trimmed down to a third of the time and been all the better for it, it illustrates just how ridiculously talented Andy is. And also how much fun he's having, which is what really matters. Andy Anderson isn't cool? Yeah, so what? Like he gives a damn!