Blake Carpenter is Pro for Toy Machine

Posted by Route One on 8th September 2015

Transworld Skateboarding got the exclusives on this one, this one being the celebratory part of Toy Machine’s latest member to join the pro ranks – Mr Blake Carpenter.

The Nike SB backed Flagler Beach, FL native really stepped up his game of late and Toy head honcho Ed Templeton saw that it was only fit to promote him in status. On the viewing of this clip we have to say we’re in full agreement with him!

In the words of Ed himself “Blake Carpenter is now pro for Toy Machine! And his boards will be bought by loyal pawns of the bloodsucking company and cherished as family heirlooms to be passed down for generations to your spawn in perpetuity forever.”

Whilst we don’t know about that we certainly reckon his board certainly has to be worth checking out!