Bobby Worrest On Home Turf

Posted by Route One on 12th March 2014

In an age where many teams think nothing of sending their entire crew to the perfect marble of China, let alone stopping off for a quick sojourn to the magnificent granite banks that are plentiful in Catalunya, it is refreshing to see an entire section filmed around a pro skater’s home town.

And this is exactly what Krooked’s Bobby Worrest does in this Thrasher part, filmed exclusively around Pulaski Park in Washington, DC.

That traditional skyscraper clad US skyline combined with an all VX production and a wee bit of funk for the soundtrack means this video harks back the best part of 20 years and, in doing so, creates a feeling of worth so often missing in modern day releases.

Go watch it, get stoked then go try film some lines with your mates at your local hook up spot instead of dreaming about Barcelona – you know you’ll have a blast.