Boil The Ocean Talks Baker Boys

Posted by Route One on 11th June 2015

If you were skating in the early 00’s you couldn’t escape the Piss Drunx. Reynolds, Greco, Dollin & Cohorts were the biggest thing on the skateboarding planet and their partying was as legendary (and destructive) as their skateboarding – just check Baker 2G for proof.

A decade and a bit later ‘Boil the Ocean’ have put together a half joking retrospective look at how the lifestyle choices post ‘Piss Drunx’ have affected the career output of the major names involved; it really is a brilliant read!

Whether you heed Baker head honcho Reynolds advice, decide to take it down the well travelled path Dollin is still on or do completely your own thing, the guys speak from experience so you know there is no hidden agenda. If nothing else it’ll make you want to watch every single clip by every guy mentioned and that is no bad thing!

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