Bones Spain Tour

Posted by Route One on 23rd April 2014

You can fly across the world to China, you can search out the last unskated villages of the middle east. Truth is, Spain is pretty much guaranteed to be the best place you can visit with your skateboard.

Yeah, there is a lot of it but their approach to architecture and living around a “plaza lifestyle” means that even the smallest of provincial towns has spots us Brits could only dream about (or fly to for the price of a sale pair of trainers!).

This Thrasher released edit, of various Bones Wheels team members skating all over the Spanish mainland, once again illustrates just how rich our southern European cousins are when it comes to Objects D’skate and also just how (really hard to express without swearing) beyond next level Almost Pro Chris Haslam is. Enders? OMG #insane #gullybadman and all that jazz; it is seriously amazing!