Boo Johnson 'Life & Times'

Posted by Route One on 11th January 2017

Are you sleeping on Boo Johnson? We have to admit that we have been since he parted ways with Supra and we feel pretty darn guilty about it because this brand new part reiterates just how beautiful he manages to make skateboarding look.

DGK's Tehachapi connection always was a special talent and a good kid to boot. Now he's a fully grown man his tricks remain but his style and pop has become so comfortable it's a pleasure to watch him skate. All you need do is press play and within a few seconds you'll be mesmerised; his ability to make the most serious of manoeuvres look effortless is jealousy inducing in the extreme - nobody should make riding a skateboard look so graceful.

Big rails, perfectly popped flips and gap Nosegrind reverts accompanied by French Bulldogs all appear - you might not get fiddly manny combo's with Boo or the deep end of a pool but you're guaranteed that the balls-ier end of mid-sized rail tech will never look better and for that reason we'll catch us sleeping on Mr Johnson again!