Brand New Manderson Section

Posted by Route One on 23rd April 2014

Krooked Pro Mike Anderson is regularly referred to as a skater’s skater. It’s a term that is often bandied about but at the core it means that those that know appreciate just how good he is.

As part of a ‘Homie tour vid’ being released online over the past few weeks, this full section from Converse team member Mike came as a genuine surprise to fans of his skateboarding. Heck, we reckon it came as a surprise to the industry as a whole as there was no fanfare or hype – in this day and age that in itself is a humble rarity!

So, you get a full section of serious all terrain shredding from Mike himself and, if that wasn’t enough, the first minute and a half has more Frank Gerwer footage than we’ve seen in a while and that makes us smile. Manderson and Gerwer; that’s a winning combination in anybody’s eyes!