Brendan Keaveny : "Meet The Lurkers"

Posted by Route One on 18th September 2013

It is safe to say there are literally hundreds if not thousands of board brands in the world right now. From the largest of established companies, right down to the smallest of bedroom outfits, it certainly is a transitional time in skateboarding and every now and again one of the smaller companies makes a real difference. Lurkville Skateboards certainly aren’t an amateur operation but chances are you haven’t heard of them, or hadn’t until their phenomenal ‘Meet the Lurkers’ video was released.

Everybody and their mum now knows of Dolan Stern but their roster of talented riders doesn’t end there. Brendan Keaveny is an all terrain ripper in the truest sense of the word; Massive rails, crazy banks, mad tech, hesh bowl – the guy literally has it all. Prepare to be astounded…