Brian Peacock Raw & Uncut: Something Sinister

Posted by Route One on 13th May 2015

Last year’s Shanghai scene video ‘Something Sinister’ by Tommy Zhao sent shockwaves around the skateboard world. Riding the crest of this was Brian Peacock, whose brand of seemingly perfect tech not only mesmerised all that saw it but also earned him a place on Paul Rodriguez’ illustrious Primitive Skateboards team.

Earlier this week The Ride Channel released 14 minutes of offcuts, alternative angles and the like from Brian’s part and, seen in its raw form, it’s even more facemelting than before!

Early PJ Ladd comparisons are abound; long flowy lines of the hardest ledge and flatground tech, perfect manual balance and a style that actually isn’t in anyway robotic – this really is special skateboarding.

You’re definitely going to need a cuppa with this, fourteen minutes is an age in these days of 15 second insta-clips, but it’s definitely worth your time. Chances are, once it’s done, you’ll be going right back to the start and watching it all over again!