Butter Goods 'Spoons'

Posted by Route One on 7th November 2018

Well would you check that out, our boy Francis is all up on Thrasher, taking it to the big leagues!

Obviously we're stoked; we've had his back for a while now and it's great to see Francis coming up as we knew he could and it's all thanks to his involvement with the ever excellent Butter Goods and their brand new release 'Spoons.' Curated by the capable hands of Quentin Guthrie and also featuring Ben Gore, Tom Delion and more, the Aussie brand showcases the gritty streets of our fair Isle in the best way known to man - close up with Mk1 fisheye on a Sony VX1000!

With everywhere from UK classics like Lloyds to previously uncharted council estates in the back end of beyond on show, the Butter Goods boys really do capture the very essence of summer skateboarding over here. Truth be told we'd be big fans of this vid if Frank was nowhere to be seen but adding his skating into the mix? Defo our favourite clip of the week!