Carlos Ribeiro 'All For You'

Posted by Route One on 4th April 2019

Fresh from his resounding victory at last month's Tampa Pro, Nike SB and Primitive Skateboards' uber-talented Carlos Ribeiro drops quite possibly his greatest part to date. And when you remember some of the sections the 27 year old outta Porto Alegre has produced, that's really saying something!

Over six minutes of utterly perfect skateboarding composure, the hardest of hard moves get rifled off as though their completion barely warranted breaking a sweat. Touchingly dedicated to the memory of his late father Carlao, this really is as good as it gets for making technical skateboarding look good. Without meaning to blow too much proverbial smoke up Carlos' backside, the lad is simply beautiful on a skateboard - if the trick at 2.21 doesn't make you squeal in delight you need to check yourself because you're doing life wrong!