Chico Brenes: The Route One Interview

Posted by Route One on 22nd October 2015

To celebrate the long awaited release of the new LRG full length ‘1947’ we’re bringing you three exclusive interviews from the stars of the vid, kicking things off with the legendary Chocolate and DVS Pro Chico Brenes!

Nicaraguan native turned EMB local Chico has spent the past 23 years as a professional skateboarder, appearing in some of the most legendary releases to grace the small screen & in this interview he discusses everything from his first involvement with LRG back in 1999 to the Contra Wars of his homeland. He really doesn’t hold back!

Stay tuned for further interviews with Zero’s maniacal rail assassin Tommy Sandoval and Brazil’s smoothest, Mr Rodrigo Teixeira and also keep an eye out for a number of LRG ‘1947’ related features and giveaways – this is really is a video to celebrate!