Chris Jones’ Isle Part

Posted by Route One on 3rd February 2016

Ending the most hotly anticipated British video of recent times was a role that fell on the strong shoulders of Coychurch, Brigend native Chris Jones and, as his section, released exclusively on the Transworld website shows, he was more than up to the task.

Filmed and edited by VX1000 wielding “man of the minute” Jacob Harris and featuring more than its fair share of awkwardly ‘British’ terrain , Chris’ skateboarding  is fast, beautiful and shows somewhat a degree of parity with the brand he is representing itself.

Isle Skateboards is very much a home grown proposition, creating a sense of beauty from the rugged grey all too regularly associated with this rainy island we call home. Chris Jones’s skating typifies this view and, through videographic representation, puts the brands’ ideology firmly into place with his tremendous abilities on his board. If you haven’t seen it already we urge you to watch this now then pick up a copy of the full length DVD; you will not be disappointed.