Chris Jones 'Spirit Quest'

Posted by Route One on 22nd June 2017

Colin Read A.K.A Mandible Claw released his latest full length 'Spirit Quest' in December of last year,  the video being the culmination of three years hard graft and eight Sony VX1000's - that's quite a labour of love I'm sure you'll agree! 

To promote it at the time Colin saw fit to share Quim Cardona's excellent part through Transworld Skateboarding's website and now, six month's later, he's reigniting our interest with Free Magazine's hosting of Isle pro and Welsh 'quirky spot' aficionado Chris Jones' amazing section in the vid. 

Featuring plenty of stateside ripping and more than a hint of Japanese 'Overground Broadcasting' influence with some of the architecture and angles, this is raw street skating from one of our island's finest exports, shot by one of the world's premier skate film makers. We don't think much more needs to be said really, that alone should be all the selling you need!